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A modern twist on arcade shooters realized in VR




Command and upgrade a heavily armed and armored battlecruiser as you attempt to forge a fleet capable of stopping the enemy intelligence that has decimated mankind. Only with this alliance can you hope to bring humanity back from the brink.

Featuring an arsenal of heavy weapons, utilities and doomsday devices you must save The human Colonies from the genocide of their rebellious AI!

An immersive 360 degree galactic war unfolds around you as you battle through breathtaking star systems.


Rescue legendary Commanders and use their unique powers and abilities to help your cause. Only then you'll stand a chance against the evil Supremacy.

Chapter 1: The Fall of Terra

Follow the story of the commanders who survived the attack on Terra, as they Forge the Alliance and seek a safe haven in the Outer Rim. The escape is cut short, however, and Dr Tali finds herself at the Mercy of the Machines!

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 Alpha V03 Gameplay Video:


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Hello, I'm trying to figure out how to get this demo to work on an Oculus Quest 2 before considering purchasing the game, but I don't see a .APK anywhere. Is there one available of this demo? Thanks so much.

NIGHTSTAR: Alliance Early Access Update 3, Colonies. Now available!


NightStar Alliance steam page is now live!

Give us a follow and stay tuned for all the new in the next several weeks as we launch to the stars!


Alliance version 7 released!

A quick update with minor fixes an experimental exit and a cliffhanger ending!

-Weapon damage from enemies has been slightly reduced to increase survivability (approx 10% reduction). Some recent changes to enemies has made them fire more often and this is mean to counteract that effect.

- Manual Warp on sector end has been added. This will later allow you to advance warp to later sectors once you have defeated a level ahead of any level.  Ie. If you have completed level 10 you will be able to warp, by choice... to sector 9. Still WIP. Aim at warp to engage

- End boss cut scene and cliff hanger ending has been added to end of sector 4. Get there and post a screen shot for us to prove you have what it takes to go to sector 5!

-Leaderboards were recently reset with re-balanced scoring and should become active with naming as soon as we are on steam. 

Good luck pilots!  An Alliance must be forged and the colonies must be saved!

V06 Update:

HUD Upgrade
Tactical battle analysis is improved with advancements in augmented heads up display technology. Communication with the Alliance Commanders will help us escape the Supremacy and new recruits will receive a higher quality commander guide on their first launch.

Nuclear Signature Detected
A Supremacy warship has been detected 3 sectors from our current position. Reach the waypoint to engage the enemy and save the Alliance from total annihilation.

Fleet Manouvres Improved
Attack Fleets have been upgraded with state of the art Module Awareness Protocols, aka MAPs. To assign modules to the MAP simply ensure that modules are positioned in the general area of a Colony ship, or attach them directly with BOP Utility drones.

Supremacy Munitions Intercepted
A recent intercept mission returned with grave news, the Supremacy have began utilising autonomous torpedo and homing technology in their arsenal. They are hell bent on eradicating the Human race, but with this information, we may have the upper hand.

Aurons Weapon Cache Update
Captain Auron has already developed weapons technology to counter the Supremacy's use of autonomous projectile weaponary - incoming threats can now be destroyed if the right crew is up for the task! Aim true Commander.

Breaking News: Ambushes towards the Outer Rim
There has been speculation to whereabouts of Commander Rayne of the Forward Lance, last seen defending the colonies of Mylon-4, drawing the enemy, and himself into an active wormhole. The attack was one of many ambushes orchestrated by the Supremacy Hive mind AI that threaten Humanity today.

Mission Log: Supremacy Fleet at Sol V
Recent excursions to find a safe path to the Outer Rim have been met with heavy resistance from the Supremacy. Each jump leads to new challenges, most recently, a fully armed Fleet supporting a Destroyer Class vessel. The fallen shall be forever remembered.
- Commander Tycho(edited)

I don't think this really needs many words. 

Version 3 of Alliance is now Live! 

- Reticule Added to hands and weapon aiming tweaked to allow easier target acquisition! Light em up!

- Tutorial Readability Improved

- Asteroids no longer spawn as an enemy wave object, they are always spawned from the obstacle spawner and only aim at player or fly by as normal (stopping weird asteroid targetting colony ship behaviour)

- Alliance Primary Weapon is a static cockpit mounted weapon "mesh pending" and will look similar to alliance visuals, its fairely slow and weak but strong enough to get you started in the world - it will be a cool little story point i think - a little bop gif attaching the first weapon to the alliance for its flagship voyage maybe!

- Enemy Health was never actually setting to max from the health setting, so now enemies are actualy using that which is good! Eh! :smile: sigh! my bad!

- Weapon Types have been defined a little better, Phase is pewpew automatic, burst weapons are the only ones that do burst shots, Bruno felt that shotgun charging was bad and removed it for use on other weapons, in future, maybe lasers only and rockets?
- Module Spawning is now rarer with 6000 chances (from 2000) to spawn nothing. Ive still been getting one within the first minute or so. There is no longer a "module helper" and modules will never spawn randomly anymore to help the player as they have a primary weapon that is infinite ammo!

- New Meshes for shotguns, lasers and others to help differentiate between them

- Commander names are now accompanied by the weapon type to help understand the weapon usecase/type

- Enemy Visibility increased thanks to new glowing red lights

- Module visibility increased thanks to the new containment crate

- Enemy Pathing Edited to stop them circling so close to you and allow you to shoot them up proper good like.

Apparently Itch loves smileys!

Nice concept! I like how you're handling the controls, and having your hands be robot drones is clever. I wish the modules were a little easier to get onto your ship - like maybe you could just point where you want them to go and the robot installs it. I also tried driving my ship into them a few times only to have them bounce off. Also (and this may be my personal preference), I like when enemies are a bit easier to kill rather than being bullet-sponges. Lowering their health may make it more enjoyable. Keep up the good work!

Much appreciated..  we are doing a bunch of refinements and we have some of the same ideas as you. 

New build will be updated today.. give it a go!

Wow, so much better! Much more enjoyable now

Awesome!  yeah.. it was alot of small simple things.. and hopefully it just gets better and better!

Added discord link. Feel free to come give us live feedback while we work. cheers!


Feedback  survey is live!  Apologize as I forgot to make it public!!!

Beta is Live!  download link is at the top and bottom of the page!

We expect the first Beta Build to be up in the next 24 hours. Stay tuned!